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Are you interested in learning SAP Process Orchestration (PO) tool and looking for SAP PI Training Videos that can help you learn SAP PO?

I can help you learn SAP PO with all the PI/PO Concepts that can help you start working on the tool.

Lets first understand some concepts in SAP PO.

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What is SAP Process Orchestration?

SAP PO Process Orchestration is a combo product from SAP which has 3 tools inside:

  • SAP Process Integration or AEX
  • NW BPM (Business Process Management)
  • NW BRM (Business Rules Management)

SAP Process Integration is the integration tool which is used to connect with SAP and Non-SAP application to exchange the data.

SAP NW BPM is used to write the process where you would like merge the message, wait for few minutes or raise an exception when you encounter issues.

SAP NW BRM is the rules management where you define the rules or condition that you want to use it in the NW BPM.

The rules are outside the NW BPM process so that the rules can be changed anytime by the user without changing the NW BPM process.


  • SAP Process Orchestration (PO) is the combo product like MS Office which has collection of tools inside it.
  • SAP Process Integration (PI) is the integration tool which is used to build the interface, run it and monitor the messages.
  • SAP PI is also called as Advanced Adapter Engine Extended. (AEX)


  • SAP Process Orchestration is a integration tool that is installed on-premise and it is used for A2A and B2B transactions managed by company.
  • SAP CPI is cloud based integration tool offered by SAP in its Cloud Environment. It is mostly used to integration SAP cloud applications with enterprise applications. It is managed by SAP.

SAP PO Training Videos:

If you like to start learning SAP PO then this is the right course you need to start with.

Well, this course is designed for students who has no prior knowledge on integration tools. Topics in this course do not jump directly into PI/PO but it will start from the basics like XML, XSD, DTD, Webservices, SOA, SOAP and many other to help you understand how things work and defined in the real world.

Once you are ready with the basics, then students can learn PI/PO with a solid foundation and grasp the concepts 10X times faster than the normal way of reading blogs or ebooks.

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What is covered in this course?

These are the topics you will learn in this course:

  • XML: Complete Understanding of XML, XSD, DTD and Validations
  • HTTP: How HTTP Communication works with Tons New Terminology.
  • Detail Understanding of how Webservice, SOAP, SOA¬†works.
  • Complete Understanding of SAP Netweaver Architecture
  • Introduction to SAP Process Orchestration and Process Integration.
  • Understand the difference between PI and PO.
  • AEX, NW BPM and NW BRM Introduction.
  • Learn all the PO tool in detail.
  • Monitoring and Admin tools like PIMON and NWA
  • Complete Hands-on
    • SLD
    • ESB
    • IR
  • You will learn every option in SLD, ESB and IR.
  • Learn the testing tools like SOAPUI and PIMON.
  • Complete Interface development from one FTP Location to another.

All the hands-on training is shown on the Live PO system so that you can do it yourself later.

Who this course is for:

  • If you want to learn SAP Process Orchestration Integration Tool.
  • If you have previous integration background and want to learn a new tool.
  • Anyone one who wants to move from ABAP to PO.
  • Students having Knowledge of SAP tool and want to learn SAP PO.

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