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If you are struggling to understand how to build interface with SAP NW BPM then this ebook will help you build interface with NW BPM.

Content of SAP NW BPM eBook:

This ebook is 200 pages long with the following topics discussed.

You will learn the following things from this eBook:

  • Download and Configure JDK.
  • Download NWDS and Configure it.
  • Install and Run NWDS.
  • Connect NWDS with PO Server.
  • Import objects from ESR to NWDS.
  • Build End to End Interface in SAP NW BPM.
  • Deploy SAP NW BPM.
  • Test the Interface.
  • many more topics.

Learn more about NW BPM from here.

sap nw bpm ebook table of contents

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